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As the saying goes, "Good fences make good neighbors." Besides keeping your yard or property out of sight, privacy fences can create a sense of intimacy in your garden or yard, and can also dampen noise pollution from nearby roads.

A fenced-in back yard is a great convenience when taking the dog for a walk isn't possible. We're dog owners ourselves and have 10+ years experience installing fences to keep dogs safe at home

Chain link fences are an old standby for swimming pools, security fences, tennis courts, and enclosures for animals. Pipe is available in a variety of gauges to suit your needs.

We specialize in residential and commercial installations.

For industrial-quality security, we offer high-gauge chain link fence up to 10 feet high.

HEIGHT: from 3 feet to 10 feet GAUGE: from 11.5 (thinnest gauge, least expensive) to 9 (thickest, more expensive).MESH SIZE: 2" (suited for commercial fencing and is ideal for dog kennels, swimming pools)

For the natural escape artists that love to dig, we recommend fences built tighter to the ground, like a chain link fence with a bottom rail or tension wire places lower to the ground. For great jumpers, we suggest installing higher fence, five or six feet tall.

Chainlink / Commercial and residential Security Fencing

Razor Ribbon and/or Barbed Wire
and other deterrents make climbing a fence far more difficult and mentally intimidating. Intrusion and motion sensor technology can also be designed into a fence system to help alert security personnel of a potential breach in secured perimeter.

The use of razor ribbon, razor tape and razor coils with barbed wire and other deterrents make climbing a fence far more difficult and mentally intimidating.

Vinyl fence

All vinyl and composite products might look the same but they are not created equal.  Vinyl is one of the most exciting, versatile and attractive materials in fencing today. It can imitate both wood and ornamental styles and maintains its beauty for years. It is also virtually maintenance free!

Limited Lifetime Warranty a Kroy’s products set the standard for anesthetics, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation. Vinyl fence, vinyl railing, composite railing and vinyl outdoor structures they come in the widest selection of styles and keep their great looks over the long haul. We back that up with  from the Kroy Company

Cedar Fence

Automatic Gates

Those who have a gated driveway understand what a pain getting out of the car to open a gate manually can be, especially during those cold Colorado winters!

Automatic gate operators offer unparalleled convenience and if installed by Our Company, superior quality and workmanship to go along with your gate system

Our electronic and electro-mechanical components and systems,  including:
• Wireless residential security systems • Display products
• Intercom • Pan / Tilt Units
• Short- and long-range radio remote controls • Turnstiles
• Personal emergency reporting systems • Central vacuum systems
• Whole-house audio/video distriub systems • Speaker systems
• Music/communications systems • Structured wiring systems
• Building and gate access controls • Integrated security management systems
• Garage door and gate operators • Network access control
• Commercial door operators • Stand alone access control
• Camera Housings • Keypads
• Security Cameras • Software managed electronic locksets
• Mounting Equipment • Intrusion detection 

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